Capable of interatmospheric flight, the Mk VII is the front-line variant of the Viper design, retaining the Mk II's general layout but adding fully integrated avionics that provide superior battle management and flight information for the pilot.

Scheduled for full deployment by YR90, the Mark VII is currently undergoing testing and limited deployment in the Colonial Defense Forces (CDF) 3rd Fleet. Boasting an impressive array of firepower, speed, and electronic countermeasures, the performance capabilities of the Mk VII is second to none.


1 Pilot; 0.8 Tons Munitions


10,100Kl (Sublight)


Approximately 12 Days

Technical Information

Engines 3x Voram D30i Turbo Thrust Engines 3x Voram R33i Reverse Thrust Engines
Maximum Fuel Capacity 30Kg Tylium
Maximum Takeoff Weight 2.5 Tons
Empty Piloted Max Payload
Sublight Range 10,100 Klicks 10,097 Klicks 9,900 Klicks
FTL Range
Sufficency 99 Years 12 Days 12 Days
Max Speed 200,100 Klicks per Second 200,089 Klicks per Second 199,906 Klicks per Second
Max Acceleration 98,400 Klicks per SecondS 98,200 Klicks per SecondS 97,770Klicks per SecondS
Average FTL Spool
Fuel Economy Sublight
(at contstnat Max Speed)
0.20mg per Klick 0.21mg per Klick 0.24mg per Klick
Fuel Economy FTL
(average linear jump)
Minnium 180° Rotation 0.17 Seconds 0.24 Seconds 0.37 Seconds
Empty Piloted Max Payload
O2 Capacity 880 JP Compressed 880 JP Compressed 880 JP Compressed
CO2 Scrubbing 5 JP per Hour 2.1 JP per Hour 2.8 JP Per Hour
H2O Capacity 26 JP 26 JP 26 JP
Communications Military Grade Broad Spectrum Wireless Military Grade Astrometric Sensor Array
Navigation Semiautomatic, Computer Assisted Flashed, Asynchronous, Fully Auomated
DRADIS Primary: Class IX Military Secondary: Class VI Military
Flight Control Semiautomatic, Computer Assisted Flashed, Asynchronous, Fully Auomated
Takeoff/Landing Control Semiautomatic, Computer Assisted Flashed, Asynchronous, Fully Auomated
Information displayed may not be exact. Data subject to Colonial Ministry of Defense classification protocol.
EMI Hull Rating EMF Class 12M (≤18,100RF)
ARD Hull Rating ≤5,600τ @ 50,000Kl
Hull Armor Rating Level III-M (50mm @ 4,600KpS ∫ 20m)
Electronic Countermeasures Manual Valve Shutoff System & Eject Asynchonous Electronic Jamming
Defense Systems Manually Launched Chaffs Manually Launched Flares
Primary Weapons 3x Thraxon T1 105mm Kinetic Energy Weapon (KEW) 1,200 Round Capacity Each
Secondary Weapons 1x Thraxon A6 50mm Mass Accelerator Canon (MECS) 800 Round Capacity
Payload 4x HD-70 Lightning Javelin missiles 1x 50MT Nuclear Warhead
Expandable Payload Additional 900 Rounds per Wing Additional 2 HD-70 Missiles