Deployed during the final year of The Cylon War, the MkIII is a revision of the MkII Viperwith specialized features for long range reconnaissance and first strike operations.

The MkIII is launched from Battlestars, and can maintain sustained flight and combat for multiple days. The Mark III features an enlarged fuselage, increased range and speed, and a singular continuous engine armor frame.


1 Pilot; 0.6 Tons Munitions


17,800Kl (Sublight)


Approximately 15 Days

Technical Information

Engines 3x Voram D22 Turbo Thrust Engines 2x Voram R22 Reverse Thrust Engines
Maximum Fuel Capacity 28Kg Tylium
Maximum Takeoff Weight 3.5 Tons
Empty Piloted Max Payload
Sublight Range 17,800 Klicks 17,792 Klicks 17,416 Klicks
FTL Range
Sufficency 110.97 Years 15 Days 15 Days
Max Speed 191,006 Klicks per Second 190,999 Klicks per Second 170,471 Klicks per Second
Max Acceleration 85,020 Klicks per SecondS 85,015 Klicks per SecondS 81,431Klicks per SecondS
Average FTL Spool
Fuel Economy Sublight
(at contstnat Max Speed)
0.39mg per Klick 0.38mg per Klick 0.36mg per Klick
Fuel Economy FTL
(average linear jump)
Minnium 180° Rotation 0.98 Seconds 1.00 Seconds 1.52 Seconds
Empty Piloted Max Payload
O2 Capacity 980 JP Compressed 980 JP Compressed 980 JP Compressed
CO2 Scrubbing 5 JP per Hour 2.2 JP per Hour 3 JP Per Hour
H2O Capacity 30 JP 30 JP 30 JP
Communications Military Grade Broad Spectrum Wireless Optional 2x Pinger Buoys
Navigation Manual, Computer Assisted
DRADIS Primary: Class IIX Military Secondary: Class VI Military
Flight Control Manual, Computer Assisted
Takeoff/Landing Control Manual Manual, Computer Assisted
Information displayed may not be exact. Data subject to Colonial Ministry of Defense classification protocol.
EMI Hull Rating EMF Class 9M (≤8,100RF)
ARD Hull Rating ≤4,000τ @ 50,000Kl
Hull Armor Rating Level II-M (30mm @ 3,200KpS ∫ 15m)
Electronic Countermeasures Manual Valve Shutoff System & Eject Non-networked Avionics
Defense Systems Manually Launched Chaffs Manually Launched Flares
Primary Weapons 2x Thraxon A6 30mm Mass 30mm Mass Accelerator Cannons (MECS) 500 Round Capacity Each
Secondary Weapons
Payload 4x HD-70 Lightning Javelin missiles 1x 50MT Nuclear Warhead
Expandable Payload Additional 250 Rounds per Wing Additional 2 HD-70 Missiles