Voram Propulsion Systems

D15 & D22 Turbo Thrust Engines

The technology of the D Series makes it both smaller and simpler in layout than current engines of a similar thrust class, while giving it lower fuel consumption and an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio.

The D Series featues a twin shaft reheated turbofan, with three low pressure (LP) and five high pressure (HP) compressor stages, powered by two single-stage turbines (LP and HP).

The Tylium combustor is annular with airspray injectors. The engine reheat system features a 3-stage manifold system and a convergent/divergent nozzle.

Engine control is by an integrated application of blisks, wide-chord aerofoils, single crystal blades, a hybrid Tylium/airspray combustion system, and an integral Full Authority Analog Engine Control (FAAEC) providing low electrical workload and efficient maintenance routine.

Technical & Performance Data

Technical nad performance data for D Series Turbo Thrust engines is currently classified Level 2 Secret by the Colonial Ministry of Defense. To obtain this information contact your local CDF Engineering Corps Office with your clearance number. Please direct all FIO requests to our Colonail Fleet Liason Office in Perkinston, Picon.