Voram Propulsion Systems

R15 & R22 Reverse Thrust Engines

The versatile R Series meets a wide range of operational requirements. Its compact design gives high thrust-to-weight and thrust-to-volume ratios while maintaining good handling characteristics and low fuel consumption.

The RB199 is a 3-Phase burst compression engine, with three low pressure (LP), three intermediate pressure (IP) and six high pressure (HP) compressor stages, powered by two single-stage Tylium combustion chambers and a 2-stage LP turbine.

The combustion system is of annular vaporising design. Engine control is by a Full Authority Analog Engine Control (FAAEC) system and features an integral thrust reverser for immediate on demnad shutdown.

The R Series is designed to fully integrate with D Series Turbo Thrust Engines.

Technical & Performance Data

Technical nad performance data for R Series Reverse Thrust engines is currently classified Level 2 Secret by the Colonial Ministry of Defense. To obtain this information contact your local CDF Engineering Corps Office with your clearance number. Please direct all FIO requests to our Colonail Fleet Liason Office in Perkinston, Picon.