Voram Propulsion Systems

T1 & T1r Kinetic Energy Weapons

The T1 and T1r Kinetic Energy Weapons (KEW) are being developed alongside the new Viper MkVII Fighters, and are designed for use in all new combat vehicles with full deployment expected by YR90.

The T1 and T1r will offer an incredible new offensive capability to all Colonial military forces, ensuring a victorious outcome in any confrontation.


Wing or hull mounting on interatmospheric vehicles.


T1 105mm KEW
T1r 105mm KEW

Technical & Performance Data

Technical nad performance data for the A6 Mass Accelerator Canon (MECS) is currently classified Level 1 Secret by the Colonial Ministry of Defense. To obtain this information contact your local CDF Engineering Corps Office with your clearance number. Please direct all FIO requests to our Colonail Fleet Liason Office in Perkinston, Picon.