Voram Propulsion Systems

L5 Latitude Thrust Engines

The L5 Latitude Thrust Engine is generates multiple impulses for precise orientation and stabilization during extra-atmospheric flight.

The engine is suitable for high cyclic operation with thrusts between 14,000 lbf and 23,000 lbf. All components of the engine are optimized to keep noise and emissions to a minimum.

The L5 is a rapid burst high-bypass-ratio engine with a single-stage low pressure (LP) compressor. The engine features a single low emissions annular combustor with four inline burners.

Modular components, self contained power, low fuel burn and excellent environmental performance contribute to low operating costs with maximum reliability.

Technical & Performance Data

Technical nad performance data for L5 Latitude Thrust engines is currently classified Level 1 Secret by the Colonial Ministry of Defense. To obtain this information contact your local CDF Engineering Corps Office with your clearance number. Please direct all FIO requests to our Colonail Fleet Liason Office in Perkinston, Picon.