Vipers engging the enemy over Arelon

The Cylon War, YR48—YR60

At the outbreak of war with the Cylons, sales of commercial transports came to a halt. Suddenly, the unified Colonies needed warplanes, produced quickly, collectively and in quantity. Cooperation between various manufacturers, rather than competition, made the best use of Colonial resources.

Operating independently as Voram Aviation Technologies Group and Thraxon Arms Company respectively, served the Colonial Ministry of Defense by designing and supplying critical components to the Viper MkII Fighter and Battlestar projects.

Merger, and Voram–Thraxon Today

After the armistice was declared, Voram Aviation Technologies and Thraxon Arms merged to form Voram–Thraxon, CLC in order to provide the Colonial Fleet with the advanced spacecraft and support technology of the future.

Today, Voram–Thraxon along with it’s partners designs, develops, and manufactures combat vehicles, interatmospheric technologies, and deep space framing technologies for commercial and military use.