With the lowest operating cost per jp-click in the industry, the new Traveller MkII Carriers are the all-purpose transport members of the Voram–Thraxon family.

They can carry twice as much cargo, twice as far, as the competitor's leading Light carrier. Along with earlier versions and models, Voram–Thraxon carriers — nearly 700 in all — carry half the commerical inter-Colony cargo in the worlds.


236 Passengers; 210 Tons Cargo


4,300Kl (Sublight); 15,000LY (FTL)


Approximately 2 Years

Technical Information

Engines 9x Voram L5 Latitude Thrusters 3x Elmira N77 Hyper Thrust Engines 1x Kobol Electronics DCL635-A FTL Drive
Maximum Fuel Capacity 840Kg Tylium
Maximum Takeoff Weight 437 Tons
Empty Max Passenger Max Cargo
Sublight Range 8,300 Klicks 8,200 Klicks 8,120 Klicks
FTL Range 15,000 Lightyears 14,980 Lightyears 14,995 Lightyears
Sufficency 2 Years 4 Months 1.9 Years
Max Speed 150,000 Klicks per Second 100,000 Klicks per Second 80,000 Klicks per Second
Max Acceleration 18,000 Klicks per SecondS 10,000 Klicks per SecondS 9,000 Klicks per SecondS
Average FTL Spool 8 Minutes 9 Minutes 8 Minutes
Fuel Economy Sublight
(at contstnat Max Speed)
1.00mg per Klick 0.90mg per Klick 0.87mg per Klick
Fuel Economy FTL
(average linear jump)
8.04Kg per 1,000LY 8.31Kg per 1,000LY 8.60Kg per 1,000LY
Minnium 180° Rotation 37 Seconds 46 Seconds 58 Seconds
Empty Max Passenger Max Cargo
O2 Capacity 18 Million JP Compressed 18 Million JP Compressed 18 Million JP Compressed
CO2 Scrubbing 800 JP per Hour 680 JP per Hour 920 JP Per Hour
H2O Capacity 72,500 JP 72,500 JP 72,500 JP
Communications Class III Short Range Wireless Class II Intrasolar Wireless
Navigation Manual, Computer Assisted Flashed Semi-Automatic
DRADIS Class II Type N30 Civilian (CSO:8650-030) Optional Class IV or V Military
Flight Control Manual, Computer Assisted
Takeoff/Landing Control Manual, Computer Assisted Flashed Semi-Automatic
This vehicle is not designed or approved for combat flight operations.
EMI Hull Rating EMF Class 7A (≤3,200RF)
ARD Hull Rating ≤8,000τ @ 50,000Kl
Hull Armor Rating Level II-A (40mm @ 4,000KpS ∫ 30m) Optional Level II-B (60mm @ 7,000KpS ∫ 38m)
Electronic Countermeasures Manual Valve Shutoff System