Voram Propulsion Systems

A6 Mass Accelerator Canon

The A6 Mass Accelerator Canon (MECS) is a highly effective, extremely reliable autocanon of choice for close interatmospheric combat.

The A6 MECS follows in the A5 MECS series used during The Cylon War, and uses up to 60% component compatibility with older A5 and A4 models for easy servicing and upgrades.


Wing or hull mounting on interatmospheric vehicles.


A6 30mm MECS
A6 40mm MECS
A6 50mm MECS

Technical & Performance Data

Technical nad performance data for the A6 Mass Accelerator Canon (MECS) is currently classified Level 1 Secret by the Colonial Ministry of Defense. To obtain this information contact your local CDF Engineering Corps Office with your clearance number. Please direct all FIO requests to our Colonail Fleet Liason Office in Perkinston, Picon.